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Photographers and photography assignment

We are proud to represent talented professional photographers with expertise in a broad range of disciplines from nature photography, food and lifestyle to pure landscape photography. These photographers continue developing their personal style and never stop exploring our medium.

To commission any of our photographers for a specific project, please contact SIMEPHOTO local sales office .
For assignments to photographer in the north-eastern region of Italy, formed by our regions Veneto, Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Trentino-Alto Adige Südtirol please visit specilist website .

Use links below to see more of their work.
Aldo Pavan
Alessandra Albanese
Alessandro Saffo
Anna Serrano
Antonino Bartuccio
Arcangelo Piai
Bruno Cossa
Bruno Morandi
Cesare Gerolimetto
Claudio Cassaro
Colin Dutton
Corrado Piccoli
Davide Carlo Cenadelli
Davide Erbetta
Douglas Pearson
Ferruccio Carassale
Francesco Carovillano
Franco Cogoli
Gabriele Croppi
Gianluca Santoni
Giordano Cipriani
Giovanni Simeone
Giuseppe Dall'Arche
Guido Baviera
Guido Cozzi
Joe Murador
Johanna Huber
Justin Foulkes
Laurent Grandadam
Luca Da Ros
Luciano Gaudenzio
Luigi Vaccarella
Manfred Bortoli
Marco Pavan
Massimo Borchi
Massimo Mastrorillo
Massimo Ripani
Matteo Carassale
Maurizio Rellini
Michael Howard
Nicola Angeli
Olimpio Fantuz
Paolo Giocoso
Paul Panayiotou
Pietro Canali
Riccardo Spila
Salvio Parisi
Sandra Raccanello
Sebastiano Scattolin
Stefano Amantini
Stefano Cellai
Stefano Scatą
Stefano Torrione
Stephane Frances
Susy Mezzanotte
Taylor Richard
Tim Mannakee
Ugo Mellone

We are always interested to see new work from talented photographers. View our PDF Welcome Pack for submission guidelines.
Please contact us at for more information.