Photographing New York

Award-winning photographers guide you to the best shots

Photographing New York is a celebration of one of the world’s iconic cities, seen through the lens of an international cooperative of professional photographers and photo agencies at the pinnacle of the city’s positive rejuvenation.
Photographing New York is not an instruction manual in the classic sense. It’s a study of four cornerstones of photography: Light, Composition, Exposure and Seeing (or Vision) as they’ve been applied to real world urban photography by contemporary professional photographers.
It’s a visual guide, an inspiration for photographers living in or travelling to New York.

With images of: Andrea Armellin, Jordan Banks, Nino Bartuccio, Christophe Böete, Pietro Canali, Francesco Carovillano, Claudio Cassaro, Giordano Cipriani, Gabriele Croppi, Colin Dutton, Erbetta Davide, Olimpio Fantuz, Justin Foulkes, Paolo Giocoso, Keith Goldstein, Photography JBGrant Fine Art, Christian Heeb Photography, Andy Mckay Photography, Arcangelo Piai, Corrado Piccoli, Sandra Raccanello, Maurizio Rellini photography, Massimo Ripani, Anna Serrano, Giovanni Simeone, Riccardo Spila, Richard Taylor, Stefano Torrione Photography, Claudia Uripos, Luigi Vaccarella, Tim Wainwright.
Autors: William Dello Russo, Carlo Irek, Giovanni Simeone.

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14,5 x 20 cm (5.5 x 8 inches)
Flexcover - 192 Pages
I Edition 2016
ISBN 978-88-99180-55-3

Area Press/Informazioni/Ufficio Stampa:
William Dello Russo -
Press Kit: Journalists who are interested to review this book may request a pdf free copy at Press Area.
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