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A selection of our latest work is featured here. Our dedicated team of professional travel photographers is constantly on the move, regularly updating Simephoto collection with exciting new and exclusive images.

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Travel Reportage> Life's a Beach by Tim White

Dakar's golden sands are the city's gym, playground and the heart of the community


Solomango Travel Feature: Drifting on Little Andaman

Photographer Brook Mitchell takes a look at life on Little Andaman Island, a remote Indian territory, home to a fascinating mix of settlers and indigenous tribes now coming into contact with a steadily growing number of visitors.


Solomango Travel Feature: Lathmar Holi by Brook Mitchell

Photographer Brook Mitchell celebrates a special Holi in Barsana, Uttar Pradesh.


Solomango Travel Feature: Love from New York

by Antonino Bartuccio


Thai Blue

long slow indigo by Gavin Gough


1516-2016: The 500 Years of the Ghetto of Venice

by Arcangelo Piai


Solomango Travel Feature: Etna’s Honey

by Alessandro Saffo


Solomango Travel Feature: Albania D.O.C. by Roberto Giussani

International co-operation creates a small miracle as Italian winemaking expertise brings life back to the old vineyards of Albania


Mount Etna (Sicily, Italy), a new UNESCO sight by Alessandro Saffo

The volcano will be a World Heritage Site before June 2013


Solomango Travel Feature: The Route of Giants by Stefano Torrione

On the 11th September, one of Europe’s greatest endurance races starts in Courmayeur, in Italy’s Val d’Aosta.


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